THE CYBER PROJECT: Cyber safety, security, ethics, digital citizenship & bullying.

Bridge2Africa run a mobile education communication toolkit called the Cyber Project to articulate the challenges of the 21st century digital phenomenon thus promoting a safe learning environment for the Learners

MISSION: To be a one stop hub for Educational Cyber solutions and intervention for South African Communities.


1. To run a seamless coalition that comprises ,Academics, Researchers, The Corporate world, Stakeholders and interest groups to address the Cyber phenomenon in the learning space through our communication toolkit.


Brideg2Africa Projects is involved in the Mobile Education Communication and Intervention Program. The Organisation is involved in Teacher Training Programs, Innovation Camps, Workshops and Cyber Conferences.


>Manage successfully the most resourced, life changing and innovative intervention organization.

>Raising funds for communities in need.

>Engaging volunteers from the Universities thus creating a network of change agents, Cyber Educators and mentors.

>Promoting early productive activities and career guidance among students in South Africa's learning institutions through Cyber Leadership and innovation projects.

>Promote digital citizenship through the Communication toolkit.

>Making the learning space more connected through our digital platform.

Run the most interactive and intervention website that operates on real time.


1 Mobile Education solution development connecting at least 6 schools at a point of presentation

2, Innovation Camps

3, Innovation Fair

4, Tech & Cyber Conferences

5, Teacher Cyber Training seminars.


Bridge2Africa Projects is running the first intervention program of a National scope in South Africa which has the potential to grow to region amongst the emerging economies. Our Mobile Education communication and intervention program cannot be complete without the Researchers and volunteers from the Academia. Our Organization intends to be build collaborations which can help us reach more 36 000 schools Nationwide when some schools can log on our point of presentation making us reach thousands in a week which cannot be done through door to door visit. This desired platform will have some social, cultural, institutional, environmental and technological impact since it brings the Academic communities together on virtual communities without leaving a carbon footprint. We want to witness this project being the largest intervention initiative in Africa.