Who we are?

Bridge2Africa is a registered non-Profit Organization which runs intervention programs in communities using a vehicle called the mobile communication tool kit thus embracing the latest technologies to reach out to diverse demographics in various communities. Our intervention programs address Cyber bullying, Young Leaders Project and Student Innovation Project (Smart kids initiative). Bridge2Africa run high profile conference which fund the outreach programs. This non-profit is managed by professionals who are change agents with overwhelming support from University of Johannesburg and UNISA. The researchers from the Academia has shaped an intellectual infrastructure of change agents .Our vision is to involve more Universities in the country in order to take a hands on or pragmatic approach to community outreach.

The advocacy for information and communication technology (ICT) has not only brought advantages to mankind. One downside is the emergence and increase of cyber-bullying in schools. Affecting students of all ages, teachers, parents, and other educators, this special form of bullying is an increasing challenge for schools in South Africa. This proposal offers an overview the Bridge2Africa intervention Program regarding prevalence and forms of cyber-bullying; its psychosocial correlates in victims, bullies, and bully-victims; possible avenues for prevention and intervention approaches for school practitioners; and implications for future engagements and partnerships with the Department of Basic Education. Our cyber project address the internet security, safety and responsible use of digital tools to transform learning.